Under Floor Heating

What Is Under Floor Heating?

An underfloor heating kit is a cost-effective alternative to conventional heating systems. These heating pipes heat a room from the ground up, and since they run at a lower temperature, they consume less energy and cost less money. Underfloor heating pipes can be used with a variety of floor materials, giving spaces more freedom to be designed. This type of heating keeps the entire room warm, eliminating cold spots.

The heat produced by underfloor heating is 70% radiant heat and 30% convection heat. Building objects are heated by convection heat in conventional systems, which flows through the air surrounding them. Just as the sun heats objects on the earth, radiant heat in an underfloor heating system heats objects and the structure of the building, including people. Convection heat flows through the air surrounding objects in a building, just as radiant heat in an underfloor heating system flows around objects.

Why Should I Have Under Floor Heating?

Rather than using forced hot and cold air, underfloor heating achieves a comfortable ambient temperature by eliminating the coldest parts of the room. Because of the close proximity to the ground, the room’s coolest parts are closest to the floor. This is as close as you can get to natural heating. We can install anything from small to large, including insulation and gravel, in addition to retrofit systems, if necessary.

Underfloor heating is customised to suit customer requirements. Every system has independent temperature control, a continuous joint-free pipe circuit, and pipe spacing that conforms to individual specifications. Every installation includes wiring diagrams.





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All components we use for our under floor heating are of the highest quality – quality you’ll struggle to find elsewhere. However, this quality does not come at a premium, our experience has proved that our quotations are guaranteed to be very competitive and simple to understand, they do not contain a myriad of ‘optional extras’ – only the items necessary to provide a complete and functional underfloor heating system.
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