Air Source Heat Pump Installations

Heat pumps enable you to heat your home and provide hot water

You and your family can be a part of a more sustainable future if you use these technologies. Even if you further reduce your energy costs, these advancements will help you. With rising energy expenditures, now is the perfect time to switch. In addition to Solar Thermal, Solar PV, Battery storage, Wind turbines, and Integrated Renewable Energy Systems, you can also reduce your energy costs by combining these technologies.

We are all striving to lead more sustainable lives. Perhaps you’re recycling more or driving a hybrid car, for example. From 2025, gas burners will not be permitted in new houses, and it’s time for you to make a significant change right now. A heat pump will save you money and carbon emissions as you heat your house while maintaining a comfortable environment.

How Do Air Source Heat pumps Work?

Using an air source heat pump, your house can be heated and have hot water by absorbing the heat from the air, even if the air is as cold as -20° Celsius.

Environmentally friendly

Cost efficient


Low maintenance

Air Source Heat Pumps You Can Rely On.

Want to know how a heat pump works? Think about your fridge. A fridge removes heat from the inside of a space, and releases it outside the space. A heat pump does the opposite, drawing heat into a space and releasing it there.

A heat pump connects directly to a central heating system, so it feeds heat into your radiators, wall units or underfloor heating. Heat pumps operate almost silently, with a sleek, modern look for seamless integration into your home. It’s an efficient, quiet and powerful way to start your energy for change.

How does it work?

Even if it’s cold outside, a heat pump extracts heat from the air, ground or water and uses it to heat a home. It’s a form of ‘renewable energy’: it will never run out, and is more efficient than typical heating systems which rely on fossil fuels like gas or oil.

Your heat pump runs on electricity, removing the need for gas in your heating system. Plus, if you generate the required electricity yourself – for example, with solar panels – your bills and CO₂ emissions will be even lower.

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